Design, Supply and Installation of  Structural Waterproofing  to create an extension of habitable space below ground level.

Barker Morris is a specialist in the design, supply and installation of materials and systems that are guaranteed to resist the ingress of water below ground level.

With the increasing development of new basements and the upgrading of existing cellars to provide additional habitable space, effective sub-structure waterproofing and repair is essential to protect the building envelope, its occupants and their possessions from the danger of water ingress.

In the light of technical advances in structural waterproofing materials and systems Barker Morris have been quick to identify the need for a specialist in this area. They have recruited the industry’s most experienced in order to fully understand product development and appropriate usage at the earliest opportunity. The result has been that reliable, effective and consistent services are available to clients who face challenging situations when contemplating basement extensions.

Barker Morris provide practical expertise in provision of the following generic systems:

  • Multi-Coat Renders
  • Cementitious Coatings
  • Cavity Drain Membranes
  • Liquid Applied Membranes
  • Pressure Grouted Remedial Works

In addition, the company provides free seminars for potential clients and professional groups interested in learning more about this subject. The seminars explain in greater detail the technical considerations and methods of installation for the above generic systems. Barker Morris would be pleased to provide details to all interested parties.

Extending Properties with Barker Morris

Despite being a Chartered Building Company and highly qualified in the construction industry Barker Morris chooses deliberately to specialise in Structural Waterproofing work only. However, they are very familiar with working in close association with proven and experienced basement construction contractors. As a result, they can provide clients with the complete construction package by means of their Construction Consultancy Practice should they require it.

Specific services include acting as the lead consultant and Project Manager for the scheme and dealing with such matters as resolving boundary wall matters, all necessary planning approvals, detailed design, construction and timely completion in accordance with requirements detailed in the agreed scope of works.

With specific regard to Structural Waterproofing, Barker Morris does not align itself with any particular material manufacturer and supplier choosing the most appropriate applications in each case and according to technical, economic and in some cases aesthetic considerations. It is on this basis that Barker Morris is proud to be the only UK Chartered Building Company operating within the structural waterproofing field.