The need for specialist input at a very early design stage is of great importance when considering a proposed basement extension and its method of waterproofing. In fact, the relevant British Standard recognises the importance of getting the waterproofing design correct and recommends the inclusion of a waterproofing specialist on the project design team.

In order to design an appropriate waterproofing system the extent and scope of the project must first be established. The design team at Barker Morris are trained to ascertain these facts at the earliest opportunity and to communicate regularly with those responsible for the overall design of the project.

Barker Morris designs all projects in strict accordance with the relevant British Standards. For example, BS 8102:2009 is the “Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground”. Amongst other things this British Standard covers the use of waterproofing barrier materials. structurally integral watertight construction (waterproof concrete) and drained cavity construction. The design team at Barker Morris are not only very familiar with this particular code but also are aware and coordinate the requirements of all other relevant British Standards in any project. This has to date proved to be of valuable assistance to Architects and Engineers being faced with design problems below ground for the first time.

The performance level required at completion can vary according to its eventual use. Car parking, plant rooms and workshops require a performance level that allows some seepage and this may require an effective drainage design to be incorporated. In the case of (say) storage areas requiring a drier environment no water penetration is acceptable but damp areas may be tolerable. Finally, residential and commercial areas such as houses and offices will require no water penetration or signs of dampness in order to maintain a healthy environment for occupants. Required performance levels will be established by the Barker Morris design team at the outset and are happy to provide advice in this regard at any stage.

As specialists, the design team are constantly monitoring new developments and techniques in this field. In this way clients and their professional advisors can be sure that Barker Morris provide the best option for waterproofing design prepared in consideration of all the circumstances.

Expanding Properties with Barker Morris

Despite being a Chartered Building Company Barker Morris chooses on purpose to design and install waterproofing systems only. However, they can provide clients with the complete construction package if required by way of their sister company. Such specific services include in house Project Management and Quantity Surveying.

In Structural Waterproofing, Barker Morris does not align itself with any particular manufacturer and will select the most appropriate system and material according to technical and economic requirements.